Special Post: Strawberry Singh’s Flat Rodvick meme!

So this week, Strawberry Singh’s meme was a challenge to take Rodvick Linden AKA Rod Humble the CEO of Second Life, out to some interesting places in SL. Now, this is in the style of Flat Stanley. Flat Stanley comes from a story, but the idea is you take a cut out of someone and take pics of them all over the place! So, where did Rodvick and I go?

I messaged him right away and asked what kind of things he would like to see. He told me “Bring me places I have never seen before!”. Well, I thought of one place right off the bat, but I wasn’t sure if Ol’ Roddy was ready to meet the kinds of people who would come across there. So I thought, I better start safe to test the waters. In my search for a welcome area full of noobs (I figured he would feel comfortably dressed with them) I saw a search listing for Area 51. Aliens! So I brought Roddy and I there to see if we could find any aliens, and we sure did 🙂

(i was trying to be sneaky capturing pics, so they aren’t great or edited, so don’t hate!)


As you can tell by the look on Roddy’s face…he wasn’t impressed. My guess is he has experienced alien interactions before. As he stood there, emotionless, I knew I had to bring him somewhere that would really put a spring in his step.

So I thought about a trolling video I had seen once, a character named Esteban meeting the My Little Ponies of SL. If you want to see it, view it here.

So I found this magical pony land, and brought Roddy there, hopefully to bring a smile to his face.

We traveled off to pony land and we saw a large group of them in a home. We walked towards it and knocked on the door. I tried to explain to them how important this visitor was, but they would not let us in, so i had to take matters into my own hands and edit Mr. Roddy into the Pony’s home (Sorry Ponies).


Luckily, we met a very nice pony who would pose with us on the road. Roddy was very excited to meet his first magical pony!


Even though Roddy was very excited about the Pony, I thought there was one more place he might be ready to visit. Filled with all kinds of creatures and diverse characters…


When we arrived, the messages began to flood in. Everyone saw that Roddy was fresh meat and wanted desperately to make him a creature of the night. Well, I wasn’t going to have them do that to him, so I made sure to throw a garlic necklace under is toga. After a few moments, a very tough and handsome vampire came to us, looking for friendship.


Roddy seemed to be very intimidated by the vampires tough looking attire. He began to shy away from this man, and gravitated to another group of vamps who looked really cool sitting on top of a sign.


Roddy told me, that for the first time in his SL existence, he finally felt like the cool guy. He compared it to sitting at the popular table at lunch in school. He was accepted by the vampires, and was able to solidify his spot on top of the “Got Lag” sign at Bloodlines East. Don’t be surprised if you see him there again soon!

So there it is! Roddy and I had a great time, and I’m excited to see where everyone else bring him this week!


4 responses

  1. I loveeee it! First magical pony for the win!!

    July 29, 2013 at 10:39 pm

  2. hahaha funny, so I guess this means he is a vampire now?

    July 30, 2013 at 2:09 am

    • Yea, I left him there so who knows what kind of creature they turned him in to!

      July 30, 2013 at 5:18 pm

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