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Look #213-Channeling Oakley…

My last post I promised to show you the new Oakley skin from Glam Affair that is currently available at Summerfest. When I was considering what to do for this post, I  was so excited about this skin. It has the most gorgeous “cut crease” styled eyeshadows which are very much of my own RL/SL make up aesthetic. I may have given a sound of glee when I saw the ad!

Beyond that, they are named after one of my absolute favorite bloggers in SL. Oakley Foxtrot. First of all, if you are not familiar with her, please go to her blog “Thought Classic” One of the main reasons I love her blog posts is because her photos are always so gorgeous. She has a way of making something seemingly bright and pretty still come across as a bit mysterious and dark. Her outfits are always spot on, whether they are simple or complex. They speak perfectly with the environment, the angles, the haze, the blur. It’s just the perfect combination of art and fashion. I’M SOUNDING A BIT WEIRD NOW AREN’T I?! don’t care. lol. When I was considering this blog post, I thought to myself “How would Oakley approach this?” or “What is undeniably Oakley?”. Well, first of all there is that red hair. Not truly red, more like a faded orange. A really different shade than what we consider the “red headed bombshell” like Jessica Rabbit. Then there is the tattoos. You’d be hard pressed to find a photo of her not covered in them. Along with the tattoos, often times you will find her sporting Blacklace Lingerie, which she often models for. And lastly, she is just really a bad ass. lol. In a world full of bloggers who are either all sweet, or all sour, she can be both. Simultaneously.

I really don’t know where I am going with this.

There will always be those who remain, throughout all the trends, true to the rebel spirit. No gimmicks. Just some tattoos and a leather jacket. à la James dean. The true rebels without a cause. This is how I feel when I look at Oakley’s photos. It just feels sincere and effortless.

Anyway-no luck blocking my tangents today. Let’s get on with it.


Look #213 Oakley 2

Skin: Glam Affair-Oakley(Summerfest)
Hair #1:Moon-Sugar Hiccup(The Chapter Four)
Hair #2:Magika-Serene
Tatoo:Elska-Clusterfuck (No Longer Available)
Head Piece: Remarkable Oblivion-Pinnacle Headband
Lingerie: Blacklace-Dark Delights
Shoes: CandyDoll-Windie(Summerfest)