Look #272 Uber “Spice” for May/June


Look # 1 (Left)
Skin: Glam Affair-Summer V3 (India Tone) (Uber)
Hair: Wasabi Pills-Shirya(Uber)
Dress: Baiastice-Lehka (Uber)
Shoes: Just Design-Bollywood(Uber)
Jewelry: Maxi Gossamer-Maharani Set(Uber)

Look # 2 (Right)
Skin: Glam Affair-Summer V3 (India Tone)(Uber)
Hair: Truth-Ishya(Uber)
Dress: Vive Nine-Sylvia Silk Halter Gown(Uber)
Jewelry: Izzie’s-Nidhi Set(Uber)

Round Seat and Rugs: Cheeky Pea-Lotus Spa Ottoman & Lotus Spa Rugs(Uber)
Bench and bookshelves: Kalopsia-Aja’s Outdoor Sofa & Aja’s Bookshelves(Uber)
Drum and Sitar: Kunst-Sitar & Taiko Drums(Uber)
Rug Wall Decor and Flower Candle holders: Aria-Deva Hanging Tapestry & Deva Lotus Candle Holder(Uber)


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