Look #318 Uber December/January ’15/’16

Hey there! I have been having some pretty bad computer issues the last 3 or 4 weeks, it has only gotten substantially worse within the last week and a half. Posting will continue to be slow until I solve the problem or can purchase new parts. I do however have some new items from Uber to show you!


Head: Lelutka-Simone
Lipstick Applier: Suicidal Unborn-Matte Lipstick Sugar Pack
Hair: Truth-Austen(Uber)
Top: Bueno-Testify Jacket (Uber)
Skirt: Addams-Sonia Pleated Skier (Uber)
Shirt around waist: Kitja-Rebeca Waist Shirt(Uber)
Boots: Essenz-Pennsylvania (Shiny Shabby)

I also have another shot that uploaded to Flickr a few days ago. My computer was completely torn apart at the time, so I took the photo on my boyfriend’s computer. He doesn’t have photoshop or any of my photo programs, so I just uploaded from SL straight to Flickr via the Flickr upload tool in Firestorm. A pretty nifty took if you ask me! So, it is completely unedited.

Look #317

Head: Lelutka-Simone
Applier: Glam Affair
Hair: Little Bones-Night (No.21)
Top: Seul-Laced Panel Crop (Uber)


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