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Look #342 Uber-Rowne-Seul-ISON-Essenz

Look #342 pm 1

-Looks from Left to Right-
Look #1Head: Genesis Lab-Liu
Hair: Olive-Stardust (Uber)
Top: Rowne-Dion Crop Tank(Uber)
Skirt: Rowne-Tyg Lace Skirt(Uber)
Shoes: Essenz-Lancaster
Necklace: ISON-Leaf Wrap Necklace (Collabor88)

Look #2
Head: Lelutka-Simone
Head Applier: Glam Affair-Nell Gacha (Kustom9)
Hair: Little Bones-Viola (Collabor88)
Dress: Mai Bilavio-Cabo Maxi Dress(Uber)
Jacket: Seul-Silk Blend Tux(Uber)
Necklace: Luxe-Whitley (Uber)

Look #3
Head: Lelutka-Simone
Head Applier: Deetalez-Jolie (The Skin Fair)
Hair: Rowne Salon-Sasha
Dress: ISON-Cage Dress(Uber)
Jacket: Seul-Silk Blend Tux(Uber)
Necklace: Junbug-Necklace of Nefertiti(Uber)
Shoes: Essenz-Rotterdam (Tres Chic)

Easter Baskets: Zenith-Spring Picnic Rattan Basket (Shiny Shabby)
Chocolate Bunnies and Egg: Zerkalo-Spring Gifts Gacha(Shiny Shabby)
Scene: Trompe Loeil-Brier Garden(Uber)


Look #341 C88-Uber-Katat0nik-Essenz-

Look #341 final

Hair: Dela-Amelia (Uber)
Dress: Katat0nik-Butterfly Lace Babydoll for Slink Body (Collabor88)
Shoes: Essenz-Manila (Shiny Shabby)
Necklace: Maxi Gossamer-Jardin Secret De Fleurs Set (Collabor88)

Various Items (Mirror, Privacy Screen, Wooden Chairs) Aria and The Loft-Jabode Furniture Set (Uber)
Gate: Vespertine-Rosemary Garden Gate(Collabor88)
Rugs and Stool:Cheeky Pea-Lotus Set

Look-#340-Vale Koer-Mithral-Kalopsia

Look-#340-actual- pm

Hair: Mithral-Andesite (Kustom9)
Top:Vive Nine-Karla Modern Cotton Bra
Pant: VALE KOER-Essential Leggings (Kustom9)
Shoes: VALE KOER-Grounded Beezy’s

Workout Gear:Pilot & Exposeur-Coates Cardio Set
Sign: Kalopsia (Kustom9)

Look-#339-C88-The LoftXAria-Candydoll-Flowey-Floorplan


Outfit Left:
Head: Lelutka-Simone
Head Applier: Deetalez-Jolie (The Skin Fair)
Hair: Elikatira-Aspyn(FaMESHed)
Dress: Candydoll-Celeste (Collabor88)
Heels: Ingenue-Lilou Heels(Collabor88)
Hair Flower: Lagyo-Rose Headpiece(Collabor88)

Outfit Right:
Head: Lelutka-Simone
Head Applier: Glam Affair-Helena (Uber)
Hair: Lamb-Nevermind(The Arcade)
Dress: Flowey-Audrey(Collabor88)
Heels: Hucci-Wellington Sandals(Collabor88)
Necklace: Yummy-Victorian Garden Key Necklace(Collabor88)

Table/Chairs/Hat/Bouquet on Table/Watering Can: The Loft x Aria-Winslow Garden Set(Collabor88)
Stone Ampersand with Ivy: Floorplan-Ivy Ampersand(Collabor88)
Metal Buckets with Flowers: Ariskea-Le Secret Gacha  (The Arcade)

Look #338 C88-The Secret Store-Vale Koer-Ariskea-Little Bones-Bueno

Look #338 pm

Head: Lelutka-Simone
Head Applier: Glam Affair-Estelle (Shiny Shabby)
Hair: Little Bones-Tara (FaMESHed)
Dress: The Secret Store-Maggie Silky Dress (Collabor88)
Heels: Vale Koer-Fairytale Platforms (Uber)
Bag: Tentacio-Basket(Collabor88)
Flower Crown: Noodles-Primrose Headband(Collabor88)

Poses by: !Bang-Lennox (Collabor88)


-An Unedited shot of all of the Decor-
Includes Pieces from:
Ariskea-Le Secret Gacha *Including Rare House* (The Arcade)
Ariskea-Tulips in Bloom Set  (TLC)
Bueno-Good Life Gacha(The Arcade)
Second Spaces-Secret Garden Potting Table (Collabor88)


Look-#336 Tee*fy-Vale Koer-Shi-Genesis Lab


Hair: Shi.
Head: Genesis Lab-Liu (Kustom 9)
Bodysuit: Tee*fy-Zoey (No.21)
Watches: Vale Koer-Pastel Bezel Watch & Constellation Watch (Shiny Shabby)

Look #337 Uber-ISON-Little Bones-Trompe Loeil-Glam Affair

Look #337 pm.png

Head: Lelutka-Simone
Head Applier: Glam Affair-Estelle (Shiny Shabby)
Hair: Little Bones-Artemis (Uber)
Dress: ISON-Ethereal Gown(Uber)
Heels: ISON-Lace Feather Heels
Cape:Masoom-Celestial Cape(Uber)

Cheeky Pea-Mischa Ethereal Islands(Uber)