Blogs I Love

Feeds and Groups I love:


SL-Fashion Bloggers & Designers

SL Style Academy

Blogs I love:

an chailin alainn-Caoimhe Lionheart

BulletProofBish-Vixen Frost

Coco Sucree

Cookie Crunchies-Gia Davi

Failbait-Aiubrey Snoodle

LouiseCloset-Louise Marsault

LustRage-Sick Bubblegum & Suki Steampunk

How Do I Look?-Druuna Metall

Immortalized SL-Jaliyah Latrell


Just Magnetized-Justyna Magne

The Killer Kitten-Whisper Mizin

My Fashion Affair-Chixit

My Hot Mess-Pinkie Pie

Nevamind-Neva Seljan

Noob Muncher-Amberlee Martian


Our Stories to Tell-Cupcake Godric & Morgynn Hancroft

Pearls and Pistols-Linx Lysette and Rio Katana

Say whaat?!-Beks Lyter


The SL Toolbox Chicks-Sistine Kristan & Hannah Lacombe

Strawberry Singh

Sugar Heart-Sugar Heartsdale

.suicide smock.-Posh Deluxe

Sydd Sinister

Thought Classic-Oakley Foxtrot

VicioSL-AliceInChains Arun

Vixxie Vultee

Worn Clothes-Kathya Szczepanski & Camilo Rallier


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